Colorado Democrats introduce in-state tuition bill for illegal immigrants

Bill gives undocumented students in-state tuition

DENVER - In-state tuition for children of illegal immigrants.  That's the goal of a new bill Colorado Democrats introduced at the state capitol Tuesday.

They are calling it the Colorado Dream Act.

Democrats have tried passing similar legislation in the past with no luck.  Now that they control both the state house and senate, the bill is expected to pass with ease this year.   

At a rally at the state capitol, Denver Mayor Michael Hancock called on lawmakers to do the right thing.  He said it is unwise and unjust to penalize children brought to the U.S. by illegal immigrants.

"When they do graduate and want to go to college, so they can be more productive citizens in our society, we say, 'That dream is not for you.'  That makes no sense to me," said Hancock.

Opponents argue the bill gives preferential treatment to students who aren't even legal citizens, and they said it could cost taxpayers thousands.

Proponents said the bill helps create a more educated workforce, thus boosting state revenues.

Immigrants pursuing in-state tuition must also prove they are pursuing citizenship in order to be eligible.

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