Classes resume at Arapahoe High School Tuesday after deadly shooting

Principal: Extra police presence on campus today

CENTENNIAL, Colo. - Students returned to classes at Arapahoe High School on Tuesday.

It was the first time classes have been held since the deadly shooting on December 13.

“[I] thought it’d be a lot harder coming in but, uh, I noticed, like, all the teachers had, like, a Warrior Arapahoe shirts on and that really made it a lot, like, made me feel more at home,” said Nick Farmen, a senior.

Farmen said he was in psychology class and huddled with his classmates when the shooting began on Dec. 13.

“Having everyone around [today] and having everyone there kind of makes it easier on us to be able to get back to our normal schedule," Farmen told 7NEWS Reporter Tyler Lopez.

Returning students also found encouraging notes posted on their lockers.

Officials have increased police presence at the school, Principal Natalie Pramenko said.

"The safety and security of our students and staff remains our highest priority at Arapahoe High
School," Pramenko said in a letter to parents.

Finals that were postponed due to the school closure will be held Wednesday and Thursday, but Pramenko said finals are optional and are for grade improvement only. Students who do not take finals will keep the grade they earned before exams. Students who take exams and see their grade drops, will be able to maintain the original grade prior to the final exam.

The shooting left two people dead -- student Claire Davis and the gunman, another student.

Three shots were fired in a hallway and two shots were fired in the school library. Pramenko said work is underway to remodel the library.

"The library was cordoned off… they’re remodeling it," Farmen said Tuesday. "I’m hopeful for the future there.”

Second semester will start Friday at the school with an all‐school assembly that will include several Arapaho Indians and Tribal Elders.

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