Civil unions bill likely two weeks from becoming signed into law

Bill poised to pass two House committees this week

DENVER - The civil unions bill in Colorado will likely land on the governor's desk by the end of next week.

The bill is expected to pass two House committees this week, and the entire House next week.

With Democrats in control, same-sex couples statewide are collectively ready to celebrate.

"We met here in Colorado and decided to build a life together here," said Jason Cobb, who lives with his partner of 15 years, Jason Prussman, in Denver with their 6-year-old adopted son, Jacobb, whom they have raised since birth.

"Our family makes perfect sense to our son," said Cobb.

But although Jason and Jason's relationship is recognized in California, where they were married in San Francisco in 2008, it isn't recognized here.

"It feels more overdue than anything," said Prussman. "It's exciting to see things catch-up to us, I guess. I'm surprised it has taken so long."

If the civil unions bill passes, these dads say it will offer immediate protections for them and Jacobb.

"We took him to an urgent care once, and we couldn't get him checked in because they didn't know how to put two dads into the computer system," said Cobb. "The nurse insisted on listing a mom. I finally told her to just put me down as the mom."

"We are looking forward to a day when people don't panic when, you know, a different dad shows up to pick-up a kid at school," said Cobb.

The bill is sailing through the Democratic controlled legislature this year, even though it still has its detractors.

"Relationships like ours exist," said Prussman. "They're stable."

"We still get some looks in restaurants," he said. "People are like, 'Who are those two men with that child?'"

It's a family much like many other families, with a few differences.

"(Jacobb) definitely doesn't get in as much trouble as his friends do for leaving the seat up," said Cobb. "It's a life with style, more than a lifestyle."

If the bill passes, it will apply to all Coloradans, including heterosexual couples.

The language actually reads, "two unmarried adults, regardless of gender, (can) enter into a civil union."

The bill will become state law on May 1, if passed.



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