Chuck E Cheese shooting victim Ben Grant's mom begs governor to let Nathan Dunlap be executed

Dunlap scheduled for execution in August

The mother of a teenager killed during a shooting rampage at a Chuck E. Cheese restaurant in Aurora in 1993 is begging the governor to let convicted killer Nathan Dunlap die.

"Sit back, make no decision, allow the one that 12 people made after listening to all the evidence 17 years ago stand," said Sandi Rogers in a statement sent to Gov. John Hickenlooper.

Sandi's son, Ben Grant, was 17 years old when he was shot and killed with his co-workers. Dunlap had been fired from the restaurant before he came back and shot five people at closing time. Four died, one survived.

Ben had only worked at the restaurant for three weeks before the shooting. Sandi said Ben didn't even know Dunlap.

"He'd never met the guy, he'd never even seen the guy before," Sandi said back in 1993.

Ben's family and friends said he was a bright, strong, funny young man.

"He never got to get married, and have children, he never got to see the world," Sandi said.

Ben was a student at Smoky Hill High School. He was on the school's wrestling team and was remembered as a good kid with lots of friends.

"I wish you could have met my son, listened to all of the things said about him after this act of planned murder, the amount of love that flowed," Sandi wrote to the governor. "I honestly think if (you) had been there you would have no doubt the decision for death."

Hickenlooper has been holding private meeting with lawyers, victims' families and law enforcement about the case. Dunlap and his attorneys have asked for clemency.

Arapahoe County District Attorney George Brauchler and Chief Deputy District Attorney Matt Maillaro wrote a joint letter to to Hickenlooper, stating, "He (Dunlap) took the lives of four Colorado citizens and justice requires he now pays with his own."

"We ask you to take the courageous stop of not granting his request for executive clemency," the two also wrote.

"It's not John Hickenlooper putting Nathan Dunlap to death, it's the governor of the State of Colorado defending the process that has lead us here," Brauchler said.

Dunlap is scheduled for execution the week of August 18-24.

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