Broncos quarterback Peyton Manning speaks at Boy Scouts of America Annual Sports Breakfast in Denver

DENVER - Broncos quarterback Peyton Manning took part in the Boy Scouts of America 38th Annual Sports Breakfast in Denver Wednesday morning.

A record number of people attended the event where Manning served as the keynote speaker.

"I'm glad to be a part of it. Boy Scouts is a great institution," Manning said Wednesday. "They have served over 3 million youth."

Manning said his main message is to continue to give back and support worthy causes like the Boy Scouts.

"The goal was to raise over $1 million this morning," said Manning. "That is really impressive and it says a lot about this Denver community, which I've learned in two years now that this community supports worthy causes."

Adults can learn a lot from Boy Scouts, Manning said.

"What these people are learning at a young age is something all of us can follow -- some of the Boy Scouts' principles."

Boy Scouts programs and outdoor adventures challenge young people to excel while building their character and preparing them for a lifetime of leadership. The Denver Area Council serves over 53,000 youth in Colorado and has more than 10,000 adult volunteers.

Manning ended his speech by saying, "Thank you, God bless and go Broncos."

-- Manning on the Broncos

Before the event started, Manning spoke to local sports reporters about the changes the team made during the offseason.

"We lost many players and some great friends. It's been a real pleasure to play the last two years with [CB] Champ [Bailey], [RB] Knowshon [Moreno], [WR] Eric [Decker], [LB] Wesley Woodyard, [G] Chris Kuper retiring, [G] Zane Beadles has been great," Manning said.

"We added some great players," Manning continued. "I had a chance to throw with [wide receiver] Emmanuel Sanders down there in North Carolina and I'm excited about playing with him. I know [Giants QB] Eli [Manning] told me he was glad [DE] DeMarcus Ware was leaving his division. He can no longer hit him and I'm glad he's on my team. [CB Aqib] Talib has been a tough player to play against so I'm glad he's on our team as well as [S] T.J. Ward."

Manning said he is counting on the strength and conditioning program helping the team move forward.

"There is no question you have to kind of start over again and re-establish the chemistry on this team with all these new players," Manning explained. "I think that's important and that really starts on Monday [April 21]."

"The 2013 team -- it was a good season in a lot of ways. There is no question it did not end the way we wanted it to, but we have to find a way to build off that and take a step further -- try to finish."

The sting of losing the Super Bowl is still fresh for Manning.

"I don't really have a word for it. Obviously it was disappointing. We will use that to fuel us this offseason and hopefully it will make us better," the five-time league MVP stated.

"It's up to the players to put in the hard work in the weight room, in the film room and on the practice field to try and be a better team this year."

Manning admits he has not watched the Super Bowl loss on TV.

"I've seen game film. I don't often watch a lot of TV copies of games we didn't win," Manning said with a laugh. "You study the game just like you do any game -- a win or a loss. What went well, what didn't go well. You try to be better for it and that's what you have to do."

Getting back to the Super Bowl will be a challenge, and Manning knows it.

"Just because you were there last year in the game, it doesn't guarantee you anything," the quarterback said. "It does take a lot of hard work and sacrifice. I think forming that chemistry takes time."

"[RB Montee Ball] had a great year," Manning explained. "There is no question with the loss of Knowshon -- who was just nothing short of awesome for us this past year and was a great teammate -- that Montee is going to have more responsibilities and I think he will answer that challenge."

Now Manning says he wants to win the big game more than ever. 

"Absolutely. That's what I want to do. That's what the Denver Broncos want to do. I'm glad to be a part of a team where that's what they want to do,"

"I feel that I have a responsibility to the team to be on top of my game and that's what I think about every day when I go over there to work and lift weights and throw with my receivers," Manning said. "That's what I've tried to do since I've been here and that's what I'll keep doing until I stop playing."


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