Black Forest Fire: Firefighters thankful for support

BLACK FOREST, Colo. - Firefighters working to put out the Black Forest Fire say the crowds of people holding thank you signs have made them very happy.

"I have never seen firefighters grinning so much from ear to ear as they come driving into a fire camp with soot and everything all over them than there are when they drive through the public that’s out there," said Incident Commander Rich Harvey.

People, young and old, have stood near the fire command post waving as the firefighters drive by at shift change.

"Some of them [the firefighters] want to go up and say 'Hi,'' Harvey said. However, "they say they can’t because they say, 'I'll start to cry.'"

El Paso County Sheriff Terry Maketa said many of his deputies are surprised at how much they've been hugged.

"They said they've been hugged by more people with tears than they have contacted in their careers," Maketa said.

"Seeing those people out there and feeling the support that’s coming from the community really makes us ready to go handle that grind for you," Harvey said. "We really do appreciate the support."


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