Bicyclists caught in Aurora movie theater shooting stop by scene as they finish cross-country ride

Raising money for victims' fund

AURORA, Colo. - Their cross-country bike ride was cut short when two men stopped in Aurora to see The Dark Knight Rises on July 20, 2012.

Stephen Barton, 22, and Ethan Rodriguez-Torrent were riding their bicycles west from Virginia Beach to San Francisco when they decided to go to the midnight showing of the Batman movie.

Barton was shot in the neck and struck by shrapnel on his right arm and chest. Debris was removed during surgery and he was put on a breathing tube.

Now, Barton and Rodriguez-Torrest are back on their bikes and finishing the 2,800-mile ride they started more than a year ago.

This weekend, they said they were eager to see the inside of the theater in the light of day and try to come to terms with their experience.

After surviving the shooting in Aurora, Barton began to do outreach and policy research for Mayors Against Illegal Guns, which helped produce gun control commercials.

Barton and Rodriguez-Torrent are using the final leg of their trip to raise money for the survivors of the shooting with the most serious injuries.

To donate, go to and click on 'Donate for Aurora.'

The Colorado organization for victim assistance will distribute the money directly to the victims and their families.

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