Attached garage destroyed in Aurora fire, house damaged

2,000 rounds of ammunition in garage

AURORA, Colo. - Aurora firefighters battled a garage fire with exploding ammunition late Saturday morning at 4634 S. Norfolk Way.

The blaze destroyed the attached garage and burned the side of the home.  The fire flared up again at about 11:30 a.m. 

One person was burned in the fire and was hospitalized.

The fire department said 2,000 rounds of ammo were stored in the garage and another 1,000 rounds were stored in the basement of the home.  Shell casings were found 200 feet from the house.  The garage also contained an acetylene tank.

On cell phone video taken by John Childs, the ammo could be heard exploding in the fire.

It took firefighters longer than expected to extinguish the blaze because they were ordered to back out of the home after the homeowner reported the ammo cache in the house.  Fire also spread to the side and attic of the home.

Nearby homes were evacuated during the fire.

No damage estimate was available. The fire's cause was not immediately known.

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