Wheat Ridge police searching Annie Meyer's Wheat Ridge home again Tuesday

51 year old hasn't been seen in over a month

WHEAT RIDGE, Colo. - Wheat Ridge police are once again searching the home of Leann "Annie" Meyers, who has been missing more than a month.

Police told 7NEWS they are executing a search warrant to look for more forensic evidence. Cmdr. Dave Pickett, of the Wheat Ridge Police Department, said this is the first time they've done a forensic search. He says it means they are looking for any "invisible evidence."

Pickett also said the search includes a blood hound that could smell if a body was ever in the home.

"As time drags on, we become more concerned that there's been a criminal act," Pickett said. "As we've checked out tips and talked to family members, talked to friends and coworkers, we're not getting any good and solid sightings."

Meyer's brother told 7NEWS if his sister was safe, she would contact her family.

"I'm just sick to my stomach, just all sick inside," Mark Meyer told 7NEWS reporter Jaclyn Allen. "Her birthday was the other day, and we were just hoping..."

But that hope is fading as a new timeline paints a more dire picture.

Police now say Feb. 7 was the last day anyone saw 51-year-old Meyer in person.  She left work early, saying she was sick.

Three days later, she spoke on the phone with her mother, and that was her last confirmed phone call.

Police said there was a flood of text messages sent from Meyer's cellphone over the next two weeks, but investigators say they have reason to believe those messages did not all come from Annie.

"She communicated through text message, but only through text message," said Cmdr. Pickett. "And during that period of time, it was her only form of communication."

A friend called Annie on Feb. 23, but that friend now tells police she can't be sure it was really Annie she talked to.

"It was a short conversation with very few words and that witness, now in retrospect, says she can't positively identify her voice," said Pickett.

Police said the last text message sent from Annie's phone was on Feb. 27, and a co-worker reported her missing the next day.

Pickett said Annie's roommate, Melissa Miller, still refuses to talk to investigators, and her story has had discrepancies. Miller has also retained an attorney.

"The roommate is absolutely someone we would've like to talk to, that's not an option," Pickett said. "We're going to have to find out what happen to Leanne Meyers [through] a different route."

Miller told Annie's co-workers on the phone that Annie was sick, but police said she told them, "Annie is not missing, she is with a woman named Cathy."

None of Annie's friends or family has heard of a Cathy. But because police have no evidence a crime was committed, their hands are tied when it comes to interviewing Miller.

Meyer's two vehicles are also missing -- a 2009 Silver Toyota Rav4 bearing Colorado license plate 975 YUH and a 1995 Silver Toyota pickup with Colorado license plate 688 DJH.

Now Annie's family is looking into hiring a private investigator, organizing searches and offering more reward money.

"We're never going to quit," said Annie's brother, Mark Meyer. "That's the bottom line. We're not going to quit because we're not quitters."

Annie's friends gathered over the weekend to organize searches, post fliers and talk about rewards.

Crime Stoppers is offering a $2,000 reward in addition to the $8,000 offered by U.S. Bank, Annie Meyer's employer.

Friends describe Meyer as a long-time Wheat Ridge resident who loves camping, golf and softball.

"She's a great person, one of the greatest I've ever met -- a true friend," said Luann Joecken.

Meyer is 5-feet-7-inches tall and weighs 130 pounds. She has blue eyes and gray-brown hair.

Anyone with information about Meyer is asked to call the Wheat Ridge Police Department at 303-237-2220.

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