Family says remains of missing Wheat Ridge woman Annie Meyer found in Park County

Wheat Ridge Police investigating there

BAILEY, Colo. - The family of Annie Meyer says they have been told the remains of the missing woman have been found in Park County.

LeAnn "Annie" Meyer was last heard from on Feb. 10. The remains were found near Old Stagecoach Road in Bailey on July 4, Wheat Ridge Police say.

A group of people called the Park County Sheriff's Office after finding what appeared to be human remains near their cabin around 7 p.m. Thursday.

Wheat Ridge Police report they were informed of the discovery Monday morning and sent officers to Park County to investigate. Neither the sheriff's office nor Wheat Ridge Police have confirmed the remains are Meyer's.

Meyer's family confirmed to 7NEWS that the Park County Coroner informed them the remains are Annie's.

"It's just unbelievable," said Mark Meyer, Annie Meyer’s brother. "There is some relief now."

Mark Meyer said he is flying to Colorado from California on Tuesday.

Now that Annie's body has been found, loved ones say they want to know what happened and who did it.

"It is bittersweet," said Annie’s friend, Tammy Haselhorst, after hearing the news. "I’m glad we’ll have some closure, but...there’s all the unanswered questions. How long has she been laying up there? Who did this to her?"

"To say it's over is not true. Because the person that's done this to Annie, when that 's closed, then maybe the final closure will happen," Haselhorst said.

Meyer, who would now be 52, was last seen when she left work early, saying she was sick. She was reported missing on March 3.

Her family has said they suspect foul play and believe Annie was taken by force.

"Annie didn't pack and go away. Her luggage was all there,"  Annie's mother, Pat Meyer, said in mid-March.

Officers have wanted to question Annie's roommate, Melissa Miller, but she has refused to meet with investigators. Miller has retained an attorney.

On Monday, Miller's mother, Mary Trounce, said her daughter had nothing to do with Meyer's disappearance, but had hiked with her frequently in Park County, where the body was found.

"She would never ever hurt a soul," said Trounce. "She wouldn't even kill a fly."

Trounce said Miller attempted suicide shortly after Meyer's disappearance because of the cloud of suspicion, and the mother is worried Miller will try again now.

"This was hard, it hurt right here," Trounce said, pointing to her heart. "I just don’t  want to go through it again. I don’t want her to do what she has done before."

Annie’s Toyota pickup truck was found on March 13 in a parking lot about three miles from Meyer's home. The truck had apparently been sold to a man, but Meyer's family didn't know if Meyer had sold it or someone else.

After seeing the report about the pickup truck being found, a woman in Wheat Ridge realized a sport utility vehicle parked near her home was likely Annie's missing Toyota RAV4. It had been parked there for about 10 days. It was found about 1 mile from Meyer's home, but was located in the opposite direction from where the truck was found.

Wheat Ridge Police said they are planning a press conference for Tuesday to announce their findings.

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