Horse rescued from culvert full of water in Louisville

LOUISVILLE, Colo. - A horse was rescued early Monday morning after falling into a well filled with water in Louisville.

Rocket's owner found him trapped in the 8-foot-deep water well about 7:30 a.m. on her property at 10855 Empire Road. The owner, Brandi Brady, told authorities the horse escaped from his pasture sometime during the night.

Brady was able to secure a rope around the horse's neck to keep his head out of the water. Meanwhile, rescue workers from the Louisville, Lafayette, and North Metro fire departments and the Boulder County Sheriff's Office responded in force. They even brought in a backhoe.

First, they pumped the water out of the well.

Then crews got a harness around Rocket’s haunches to pull him out. At one point the horse was hanging upside down in the air from a crane. But Rocket was successfully removed from the well after an intense, 1 hour-and-40-minute rescue.

A veterinarian was on scene to check Rocket as soon as he was out of the well. Rocket was cold, and  had some cuts and bruises but he was otherwise OK.


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