Deputy accused of helping a convicted felon escape from jail appears in court

DENVER - The Denver sheriff's deputy accused of helping a felon escape from the Downtown Detention Center appeared in court Monday for a brief procedural hearing.

Deputy Matthew Andrews faces a felony charge for allegedly aiding in the escape of Felix Trujillo. Andrews appeared with his attorney in a Denver courtroom Monday for an uneventful hearing that resulted in the scheduling of another hearing for June 5.

Andrews' attorney, Dan Recht, offered a brief statement after the hearing but his client did not.

"We trust in the fairness of the judicial system, and beyond that at this point it's inappropriate to comment," Recht said.

According to the affidavit for Andrews' arrest, he returned to the Downtown Detention Center after the escape and later revealed what he had done to coworkers. He told them he had been threatened and had no choice.

"Andrews revealed to coworkers that he had been threatened and that there was a 'contract' on him and his family and that in order to remain unharmed he needed to help [the inmate escape]," the document said.

Trujillo was also allegedly aided by Marilyn Reeves, 47, who is accused of renting a hotel room for Trujillo and allowing him to use her car to go to breakfast one morning.

Trujillo turned himself in after three days on the run.

Trujillo remains in custody in the Arapahoe County Justice Center on $100,000 bond and is scheduled to appear in court April 19. Andrews remains free on $10,000 bond.


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