Eighteen homes cut off from Brighton water supply while crews disinfect, retest lines for E. Coli

City: Problem localized to one neighborhood

BRIGHTON, Colo. - Utility crews in Brighton have shut off water to 18 homes while they search for the source of E. Coli contamination.

Three tests have come back positive in the Cottonwood subdivision, so work crews are now injecting a chlorine solution into the lines feeding the 18 homes along South 33rd Avenue.

"They say it's concentrated along this block," said Mike Cichowski, who lives in one of the affected homes. "They gave us hotel vouchers, told us not to use any of the (tap water) and that they're going to come by with some chlorine stuff and flush it out."

Director of Utilities Jim Landeck told 7NEWS that the e-coli contamination appears to be a cross contamination issue.

He said they haven't pinpointed the exact source, but believe it's backing into the system through a backflow device on an irrigation system, siphon valve or even a spigot.

"We still are strongly of the opinion that it's not the distribution system," said Brighton City Manager Manuel Esquibel. "It is isolated."

At least two Brighton residents have come down with intestinal illness during the past week.

When asked if their illness might be related to the water contamination issue in north central Brighton, Dr. Richard Vogt of the Tri-County Health Department said, "I think that is yet to be determined."

Vogt said it is not unusual to see an increase in gastro-intestinal illness in the summer months.

"The main reason behind that is that we may not be cooling our foods as much as we should," Vogt said. "There could be contaminated food, there could be person to person transmission."

Vogt said anyone will gastrointestinal illness should see their doctor.

He said in the mean time, all Brighton residents should follow the advisory to boil water for three minutes before using it to drink, brush teeth, cook or wash hands.

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