ACLU sues for information about the execution plans for Nathan Dunlap

AURORA, Colo. - The American Civil Liberties Union of Colorado wants to force the Department of Corrections to reveal exactly how they plan to put Nathan Dunlap to death in August.

Dunlap was a 19-year-old former Chuck E. Cheese employee when he walked into the restaurant in Aurora in 1993 at closing time and shot five people in the head and then stole $1,500 from a safe.

Three teenagers and a mother of two died. One person survived the shooting.

Dunlap had recently been fired from the restaurant.

A judge has decided the execution for Dunlap will take place during the week of Aug. 18 to  Aug. 24. The DOC is responsible for selecting the exact date and time.

The ACLU says they've filed suit to force the state to reveal the exact drugs and methods planned for the execution, as well as the pharmacies that may provide the lethal injection drugs. They argue that the information will "facilitate public discussion about the use of the death penalty" and the ethical issues facing everyone involved.

Colorado's lethal injection law calls for a single drug, but the ACLU says they are concerned that a DOC request for several drugs could indicate they plan to use a three-drug method instead. The ACLU says a three-drug approach came under scrutiny in California, where a judge found it caused pain, which goes against the constitutional ban on cruel and unusual punishment.

The organization also argues that the Colorado Board of Pharmacy Rules of Professional Conduct prohibit "any practice which detrimentally affects the patient."

The ACLU argues that the public deserves to know which pharmacies plan to participate in the execution.

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