Thomas Guolee, alleged member of white supremacist gang the '211 Crew,' now in custody

COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. - An alleged associate of a white supremacist prison gang linked to the suspected murderer of Colorado's prison chief is now under arrest.

The El Paso County Sheriff's Office said Thomas Guolee, 31, was not a suspect in the murders of Department of Corrections Chief Tom Clements or part-time delivery driver Nate Leon, but his name did come up during the investigation into those cases. The suspected murderer, Evan Ebel, was also linked to the prison gang called the "211 Crew."

Guolee's family confirmed he was arrested Thursday, saying they'd learned of it through law enforcement. They were also reportedly told the arrest was peaceful.

Later, the El Paso County Sheriff's Office confirmed Guolee was taken into custody by Colorado Springs Police at approximately 5:30 p.m. They called Guolee a "person of interest" in the Clements murder investigation..

ABC News confirmed he was taken into custody peacefully at a home where he had been "hiding out."

Guolee, the Sheriff's Office said, is being held without bond for a violation of his parole. They declined to reveal any additional details about the Clements investigation.

Guolee's mother previously told 7NEWS he has tattoos down his legs with the words "White" and "Power."

At the time of that interview on April 5, his mother said she hadn't seen him for about three weeks.

After her son's arrest, Deborah Eck described her concern about Guolee's young daughter.

"She knows that Daddy's in trouble and we had sit down and tell her the police were looking for Daddy again," Eck said.

Guolee and another suspected 211 Crew member, 37-year-old James Lohr, were the subject of an "official safety bulletin" issued by the El Paso County Sheriff's Office. It was broadcast over police radio on the evening of April 3.

"Officer safety bulletin, extreme caution: The El Paso County Sheriff's Office and the Colorado Department of Corrections requesting all law enforcement agencies to be on the lookout for the following parties," said a dispatcher.

Lohr was arrested on April 5, after throwing a gun from his car during a police chase and then trying to outrun police on foot when his car broke down.

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