New Interim Department of Corrections Chief getting paid $5,500 more a month than slain predecessor

Denver - The interim Department of Correction chief will get paid $5,500 more a month than his slain predecessor, according to documents obtained by the CALL7 Investigators Wednesday. 

Roger Werholtz started his three-month contract with the state of Colorado Monday after being appointed by Gov. John Hickenlooper.

The CALL7 Investigators also learned that, under the terms of his contract, he will be able to work at his other two jobs while serving as the interim DOC chief. 

Under the terms of his contract, released under an open records request by the CALL7 Investigators,  Werholtz will get paid $18,000 for both the month of May and July; he will only get $10,200 for the month of June, because he is taking some time off for a previously planned event, according to the governor’s office. 

In comparison, former DOC chief Tom Clements was paid $12,500 each month, according to state records. Clements was shot to death in March at his Monument home, and investigators believe the killer was parolee Evan Ebel. 

On top of his salary, the state of Colorado has agreed to pay Werholtz $3,000 in expenses for his temporary move from Kansas and will pay to move him back, according to the contract.

The deal also allows Werholtz to remain employed by the Council of State Government and American Prison Systems, but can't make deals which could cause a conflict of interest with his state of Colorado job, unless authorized by the governor’s office.

Werholtz previously worked as chief of corrections for Kansas. He said during a news conference Monday at DOC headquarters that he also worked as a consultant for prison systems across the country.


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