Colorado corrections requires tighter parolee monitoring in response to Clements, Leon killings

Parolee remove tracking unit days before killings

DENVER - The Colorado Department of Corrections said Tuesday it has ordered state parole officers to respond within two hours of receiving an alert that a parolee might be tampering with an electronic monitoring anklet.

The new guidelines comes three weeks after Evan Ebel allegedly shot and killed DOC Executive Director Tom Clements at his monument home.

As 7NEWS previously reported, DOC records show that Ebel removed an electronic monitoring-device anklet days before the murder of Clements and Nate Leon, a part-time Denver Domino's Pizza delivery driver.

Ebel removed his ankle monitoring bracelet on March 14, DOC records said. That was three days before Nate Leon was killed on March 17 and five days before Clements was killed on March 19.

A state monitoring contractor, BI Incorporated, noted receiving a tampering alarm for Ebel's ankle monitor at 1:54 p.m. on March 14, DOC records say. The records show officials tried to contact Ebel about his "bracelet for repair," but they never reached him.

On March 18, four days later, officials contacted Ebel's family to ask about the parolee's  "status," but the records don't show if they reached his family and what was discussed.

Ebel's Commerce City home was searched the next day -- the day Clements was murdered -- and it was determined that Ebel "was likely an absconder," records say.

A warrant for Ebel's arrest was issued on March 20.  

The new parolee monitoring response policy took effect Sunday, said DOC spokeswoman Alison Morgan. "It emerged from an ongoing review of the department’s parole operations. DOC is conducting the review to ensure its policies and operations maximize public safety," she added.

Days after the killings, Ebel was fataly wounded in a shootout with Texas law enforcement officers following a high-speed car chase. Investigators say ballistics from the bullets Ebel fired in the Texas gunfight match the gun and ammunition used to kill Clements.

Investigators also recovered from Ebel's wrecked car a Domino's Pizza worker's jacket, visor and insulated pizza carrier. They also found bomb-making materials, pants that appeared to have blood on them and directions to Clements home.

Denver police believe the Domino's gear supports their theory that Ebel killed Leon.

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