Former patients skeptical that cease and desist order will stop chiropractors' practices

DENVER - Former patients tell the CALL7 Investigators they're skeptical a state order will stop a pair of chiropractors from practicing medicine without a license.

Last week, Dr. Brandon Credeur and his wife, Dr. Heather Credeur, were served with a cease and desist order by the Colorado Medical Board. 

The couple did business as the Functional Endocrinology Center, which came under scrutiny after a series of CALL7 Investigations exposing numerous patients' complaints and questionable business practices. 

"We've been scammed, lied to and we’ve been deceived," said Cheri Carey, one of Credeur's fomer patients.

Carey and former patient Susan Echelberger were surprised by the state’s action. Both told CALL7 Investigator Theresa Marchetta they were happy about the decision by the medical board to finally take action. 

"I'll never get back the time, money; that will never come back," said Carey.

Both have waited years for the state to respond to their complaints that the Credeurs took thousands of their dollars in upfront fees. They say the Credeurs provided treatments and high cost supplements that only made them sicker.

"I think he'll get around it," Carey said about the cease and desist order. "It is not going to stop anything.  He's been doing this since day one. He will find a way around it."

Although they are licensed chiropractors, neither Heather nor Brandon Credeur are licensed to practice medicine.

The Medical Board, however, found the Credeurs told patients they could assume responsibility for prescribing medications for the treatment of endocrine misfunction.

Additionally, the cease and desist order says the Credeurs operated email addresses and websites calling themselves doctors or physicians without any clarification that their licensed services were exclusively chiropractic - facts that were among the many patient concerns brought forward in an extensive series of investigative reports by CALL7 Investigator Theresa Marchetta.

The CALL7 Investigators reached out to both Credeurs concerning the professional sanctions, but they didn’t return our call.

In a web video posted on a year ago, the couple said they were cleared by the chiropractic board from similar charges.

“We have been exonerated and vindicated of all this nastiness," Dr. Brandon Credeur stated on the video.

But in this case, it was the medical board that made the decision, according to Department of Regulatory Agencies spokeswoman Cory Everett-Lozano.

Everett-Lozano said in an email, "The Medical and Chiropractic Boards are separate boards with separate functions. The Chiropractic Board is charged with the licensure and governing the practice of chiropractors. The Medical Board is charged with licensure of physicians, physician assistants, and anesthesiology assistants and their practices and the unlicensed practice of medicine by individuals." 

The Credeurs can appeal the decision, but must do so within 10 days.

According to court documents, a lawsuit filed by former patients’ has been settled. The terms of that settlement are closed to the public.

However, another malpractice lawsuit is pending.

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