"Scan & Go" iPhone enabled shopping is being tested at Walmart stores in Colorado

7NEWS puts "Scan & Go" to the test at Walmart

DENVER - Walmart's test of a feature in their app called "Scan & Go" includes about 40 stores in Colorado. A customer using the app on their iPhone can scan items as they shop, then pay at the store's self-checkout.  

7NEWS reporter Amanda Kost put "Scan & Go" to the test.

First, she downloaded the "Walmart" app from the iPhone app store. Once she launched it, she needed to enter an email address and password to create a "Scan & Go" account. Installing the Walmart app and signing up for a "Scan & Go" account took nearly 10 minutes.

In the Lakewood store, Kost checked the process and prices with two separate transactions.

To use "Scan & Go" with the Walmart app, shoppers flip the app to "store mode," press "scan item," and use the iPhone to scan the barcodes. The price and aisle location should be listed on screen, giving the green light to place the item in the basket or reusable shopping bags.

7NEWS checked prices for all 12 items purchased and found no errors. Initially two items were listed without a price in "Scan & Go," but the problem was fixed once the next item was scanned on the iPhone.

The process is repeated for each item the customer wants, updating the subtotal on the screen.

When finished, the shopper presses "done shopping," which brings up a QR code on the screen. They are instructed to bring the cart and phone to the self-checkout.

There, a "Scan & Go" appears on the checkout monitor. Once clicked, the customer can scan the code on their phone, transferring the shopping list to the checkout's screen.

Payment is made through the self-checkout, not the iPhone.

Records of each transaction are stored electronically in the app.

7NEWS wanted to know if Walmart is tracking customer transactions with the electronic data.

"That I don’t know,“ said Ravi Jariwala Walmart spokesperson.

Jariwala said e-receipts can be a function for shoppers to retrieve records of past purchases. He added "Scan & Go" has not been rolled out on a national level.

"At this point it really is in test mode," said Jariwala.

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