Forbes names Oprah Winfrey as most influential person for second year in a row

Oprah Winfrey tops list with 48 percent of vote

Even with her famous show now in the rear view mirror, Oprah Winfrey is still looms large in the public eye.

Winfrey has been named the most influential person of 2013 by Forbes magazine.

According to research conducted by E-Poll Market Research -- which ranks more than 7,500 celebrities on 48 different personality attributes based on their polling data of Americans -- 48 percent of people rated Winfrey as influential. The number was one point lower from her 2012 rating.

Much of Winfrey’s success can be attributed to her Own network which showcased her interviews of controversial cyclist Lance Armstrong in wake of his performance-enhancing-drug scandal and the late Whitney Houston’s family.

Coming in second was Steven Spielberg with 47 percent.

The most notable drop off the top 10 list was Michael J. Fox, who fell from No. 2 to No. 13.

The rest of the top 10 list:

- Martin Scorcese (No. 3, 42 percent

- Ron Howard (No. 4, 41 percent)

- George Lucas (No. 5, 41 percent)

-Mehmet Oz (No. 6, 40 percent)

- Barbara Walters (No. 7, 37 percent)

- Bono (No. 8, 37 percent)

- Suze Orman (No. 9, 37 percent)

- Clint Eastwood (No. 10, 36 percent)

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