Landmark 'Dam Store' still standing at the mouth of Big Thompson Canyon

LOVELAND, Colo. - The view from the tower of the Dam Store at the mouth of the Big Thompson Canyon is dreadful. The flood that is presumed to be the cause of two deaths left behind a debris field full of rocks and downed trees.

Dam Store owner Micah Noyes and his daughter Jaycee gave 7NEWS reporter Lindsey Sablan an exclusive tour of the damage at the mouth of the Big Thompson Canyon.

"I was amazed to see that everything that way was completely destroyed and nothing was touched here," said Jaycee Noyes.

Miraculously for the Noyes family, the debris field seems to have affected every piece of land but theirs.

"It's encouraging to know that our family survived it one time," Micah Noyes said

His grandparents bought the store in the 1930s and they were there when the flood of 1976 hit.

The store is known as a tourist stop on the way to Rocky Mountain National Park. It overlooks the Big Thompson River and Highway 34.

"It definitely has expanded 10 times more than it used to be," Jaycee said about size of the river.

The ground below homes across the river was undercut. The road leading to Sylvan Dale Guest Ranch is also gone.

"With the difficulty in transportation getting back and forth to the town maybe we'll change up our product line to help people recover," he said.

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