FEMA: Flood relief will continue inspite of government shutdown

FEMA has given $32 million to date

DENVER - Despite the federal government shutdown, FEMA says it will continue to help with Colorado flood recovery.

FEMA spokesperson Dan Watson told 7NEWS Reporter Lindsey Sablan there will be some cuts made to personnel, but it will not have an impact on flood recovery.

In an email, Watson wrote: "FEMA remains committed to supporting disaster survivors. Our ongoing response operations, such as the individual assistance being provided to survivors of the flooding in Colorado, will not be impacted directly by a government shutdown. FEMA's response to disasters and emergencies is funded by the Disaster Relief Fund (DRF), which would not initially be affected by a funding lapse for annual appropriations."

The DRF is a standing fund that continues on from one fiscal year to the next, so a lapse in annual funding doesn't have an immediate impact. Right now, there are more than 1,000 FEMA staff, many known as reservists, who are responding to flood recovery in Colorado. Watson said that number would not decrease due to a shutdown.

This is good news Robert Foglia, who hasn't had time to apply for assistance.

"I have not applied yet but I am a renter in this particular house so I held off a little bit," Foglia said.

After speaking with FEMA officials he's since decided to apply but hasn't yet. He was relieved to hear FEMA wasn't going anywhere.

"Obviously FEMA is a big part of our lives right now," Foglia said.

To date, FEMA has given $32 million in individual assistance. 20,909 homes have registered through FEMA and 16,745 inspections have been done.

120 members from the Utah National Guard are scheduled to be in Colorado by late this week. They're tasked with helping rebuild U.S. 36. A spokesperson with the National Guard LTC. Hank McIntire said they are scheduled to deploy but there is a chance that could change.

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