Curbside pickup for flood-related trash begins in Boulder

Crews go to each street for next several weeks

BOULDER, Colo. - Curbside pickup for flood-related debris has started in Boulder.

With assistance from FEMA, the city hired Denver-based Swingle Inc. to pick up any trash related to the storms. 10 large trucks deployed through one area of the city Thursday morning. Each larger truck, known as a 'double,' can hold up to 16 tons of trash, according to Swingle owner Thomas Tolkacz.

City spokesperson Kara Mertz said they knew they had to something to help homeowners after the heavy floods.

"We started off with the dumpsites. We had 10 sites around town, and we saw very quickly that wasn’t a good solution for either the residents or the city trying to manage those drop sites," Mertz said. "People couldn’t get their materials there, we just really had to get a situation where it was more convenient for residents to get rid of their material."

The contractor's pickup scheduled divided the city into four zones. The trucks will deploy to each zone during the next week and then go back through the city a second time. The schedule for week one is:

-Zone 1: North of Iris, West of Foothills Parkway-start day Thursday, September 26

-Zone 2: South of Baseline, West of Foothills Parkway-start day Saturday, September 28

-Zone 3: South of Iris, North of Baseline, West of Foothills Parkway-start day Tuesday, October 1

-Zone 4: East of Foothills Parkway in city limits-start day Thursday, October 3

7NEWS talked to homeowner John Skok, who had his entire basement flooded. Skok's belongings are now sitting in a large, nearly waist-deep pile outside his home. It took him eight days to clean up nearly seven feet of mud from his basement.

"We had no way of taking care of this, getting it anywhere. So the city coming by doing curbside pick up is a Godsend. Otherwise, I don’t know what we’d do," Skok said.

In order to receive assistance from FEMA, curbside pickup is limited to storm-trash only. The city asks residents leave trash out of bags or leave the bags open.

Electronics and hazardous waste will not be picked up. Electronics can be dropped off at the Eco-Cycle's Center for Hard to Recycle Materials at 5030 Old Pearl Street or at Western Disposal. Hazaradous waste must be dropped off by the homeowner to Hazardous Materials Management Facility at 1901 63rd Street.

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