Colorado reports 15th flood-related oil spill contributing to total of 43,134 gallons spilled

DENVER, Colo. - State inspection teams are reporting a fifteenth "notable" flood-related oil spill. The total volume of oil spilled is now estimated at 43,134 gallons.

The Colorado Oil and Gas Conservation Commission reports the fifteenth release was discovered at a PDC location about a half mile east of Greeley, south of Highway 34. It was discovered since the commission's Monday report.

Sixteen other sites have evidence of a "minor" oil or gas spill.

Additionally, the COGCC reports a total of 18,060 gallons of "produced water" -- water extracted from the Earth along with oil or gas -- have spilled from 13 locations. That liquid is regulated by the state and the EPA because of what it may contain.

COGCC teams report they completed evaluations of 991 wells or production facilities covering 80 percent of the flooded area.

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