Colorado delegation introduces legislation to remove cap on federal flood relief funding

BOULDER - As the federal government faces a possible shutdown, Colorado's delegation is introducing a plan to remove the cap on disaster relief related to the flooding.

Representative Cory Gardner, a Republican representing Colorado's 4th district, is part of the bi-partisan effort to get additional funding for public infrastructure repairs. His district includes several of the northern and eastern counties that suffered flood damage, including Weld, Morgan, Logan and parts of Boulder.

For the moment, Gardner says he feels optimistic that an increase for the funding cap will be approved by congress.

"There's a number of issues before this country today as there will be in a year, two years, three years from now.  We're always going to be facing tough issues as a country. We have to make sure we're getting the people's business done, regardless of how many of those issues are presented," he said.

Senator Michael Bennett's spokesman Adam Bozzi also commented on the proposal, saying, "We introduced the billed and hope we can pass it quickly.  We'll have a better idea tomorrow if there are any objections."

For individuals and businesses, the Federal Emergency Management Agency has already approved $25 million in assistance. Nearly 18,000 households in nine eligible counties have applied for the assistance from that effort.

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