Prepare for storms with Storm Shield severe weather app

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DENVER - The severe weather season is here. Be prepared by downloading our Storm Shield severe weather app.

Think of Storm Shield as a weather radio that's with you wherever you go  -- on your iPhone or Android device.

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With Storm Shield, you get critical severe weather information from the 24/7 Weather Center so you can stay connected, even if your power goes out.

Our customized, personalized alerts can be a life and property saver. Here's a note we received from a Denver Storm Shield user in 2013, when tornadoes swept through Oklahoma.

"I was in Oklahoma City during the tornado... we were right in its path. Your app literally was a life saver," said  dcalk12 from Denver.

Here's another Storm Shield customer writing in April 2013, when when hail-producing storms moved through one of our user’s locations.

"This app saved me $495! I was asleep a couple of nights ago with my car parked in front of my house. I got a notification about a storm coming my way with possible hail and was able to get my car in the garage before it hit. My neighbor's car had significant hail damage. Mine was safe thanks to this app. Totally worth the price!"

Storm Shield Features:

- Alerts tailored for your exact location, even when you're traveling

- Save up to five locations so you can help family and friends stay safe

- Interactive Radar map

- Live streaming video of 7NEWS' severe weather coverage.

Get Storm Shield for iPhone

Get Storm Shield for Android

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