Help! I've already planted! What should I do with my plants and pipes before it snows?

DENVER - We’ve all been told, "Don’t plant flowers until after Mother’s Day."  But a lot of us get the urge to do it once we have warm weather.   And many of us may have already turned on our sprinkler systems too.

So, with rain, snow and near freezing temperatures a real possibility this Sunday, are you in trouble?

Don’t fret – you will be fine, but you do need to do a few things to make sure everything survives.

First, if you turned on your sprinkler, you should know that everything underground will be OK.  You may want to drain anything above ground and cover any exposed pipes.

As far as those gorgeous annuals you just spent a lot of money on -- cover them!  While temperatures may not reach freezing where you live, near freezing temperatures can be just cold enough to make them look glum and they won’t ever come back to their standard perkiness.   All you need to do is cover them with a blanket, sheet, or box.  The flowers need something to keep them warm, so make sure there is a little air pocket.

For the metro area, we are expecting freezing to below freezing temperatures Sunday and Monday, then the nights/mornings of Tuesday and Wednesday.  Some neighborhoods will have to keep an eye on temperatures Thursday and Friday too...these mornings may stay in the middle 30s for some.

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