Only a few storms through this evening

Not as much moisture over Colorado

DENVER - The atmosphere over Colorado has dried out a little in the past 24 hours, so thunderstorm activity has been much more limited so far across the state.  Widely scattered storms will be possible, but not likely through the early evening, followed by clearing overnight.

Thursday should be a similar type of day with mostly sunny skies giving way to building clouds in the afternoon. Widely scattered thunderstorms will develop by midday in the mountains and by mid afternoon across the plains. Overall rain chances will stay low, in the 20-30% range for tomorrow.

Friday looks to be a stormy day statewide!  A rich flow of monsoon moisture will return from the southwest, while a cold front begins to move into Colorado from the northern Rockies. This one-two combination will increase the chances for thunderstorms, with heavy rain and intense lightning.

There will be a shift in the weather pattern for this weekend into early next week. A fairly strong push of cooler air from Canada will drop into the northern Rockies by Saturday. Colorado will be on the southern edge of this cooler pattern, but we will likely see temperatures 5-10 degrees below average over the weekend.

Some widely scattered showers and thunderstorms will accompany this change in the pattern Saturday into early next week.   To our north, we would not be too surprised to see some early snow fall in the mountains of Idaho and Montana by early Sunday!

The weekend into early next week will be rather pleasant for Colorado! Temperatures will feel more like mid September with highs in the 60s in the mountains and 70s to low 80s on the plains. Rain chances should stay fairly low, in the 10-20% range.

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