Snow bands, wind, and chilly temperatures

Sunday's snow chance is best this evening

DENVER - So far, a lot of snow has fallen in the high country.  Storm reports of 4 to 8 inches in the foothills so far, and more than a foot of snow for some of our ski resorts.  Minor snowfall around the Denver Metro Area continues, but will intensify at times this evening for a few neighborhoods.

Temperatures are 35 degrees colder as of 4pm compared to Saturday at the same time.  Sharp, gusty wind from the north brought us the colder temperatures that will remain again Monday.

This evening, I'll be tracking a few snow bands around the Front Range and plains, paying closest attention to Douglas, Elbert, and Jefferson Counties.  These areas have the best potential for some minor accumulation, and slickest roads.  

Storm Tracker Cory Reppenhagen has reported very slow conditions in the high country, mostly due to the wind and returning ski traffic.  He describes the speeds to be near 25mph eastbound I-70 between the Tunnels and Denver.

Even with just a skiff of snow, a semi jackknifed in Monument Sunday morning.  Knowing this, it won't take much snowfall at all for dangerous driving conditions tonight and Monday.

Temperatures will remain near to below freezing for the late afternoon, then drop into the 20s by late evening.  You'll wake-up to the 20s, a wind, and a chance for snow, so the Monday morning drive will be impacted to some degree.  The slowest drive will be those areas I mentioned, southern and western metro areas, as well as the mountains.

We will see additional chances for snow Monday, although for the plains and metro areas the accumulation will be minor (less than 3"), if at all.  The mountain snow will continue to add several inches during the day before tapering off statewide Tuesday.

With a bit of drying Tuesday the wind will continue, but the temperatures will begin a warming trend.  Highs will hit the 40s.

By Wednesday, we will see more sunshine with temperatures continuing to warm.  This time in the 50s.

As of now, your Thanksgiving Day here in Denver looks very pleasant, 60 or so, with dry roads.  Friday will also be a very nice day before some slight cooling through the weekend.  There will be a system in Wyoming and Nebraska with much colder air the end of the week and the weekend.  Right now, it appears that system will stay there.  However, should that cold air sneak in over Colorado we will have 20-degree colder forecast for Friday and the weekend.  The odds of that cold air hitting us are about 3 in 10.

If you are traveling to the eastern US early next week, it appears that our current storm will rapidly intensify for the Midwest and the Great Lakes by Monday and Tuesday. Strong winds, heavy snow and travel issues will be a concern for the northern Great Plains, the Mississippi Valley and the Great Lakes.  Farther to the south, severe thunderstorms will be likely Monday and Tuesday across the southeastern United States.  Cold will stay over the Great Lakes for Thursday, meanwhile rain and snow will be possible from New York to Maine.  Other areas of rain and snow are expected for the Pacific Northwest and northern plains.

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