Nearing record high temperature territory for early this week

60s and some 70s possible Monday

DENVER - An incredible warm-up has moved into the state, and will only get warmer for Monday.  Today, Denver hit the 60s (61 officially) for only the third time this month.  If you like this warmth, you'll love Monday and Tuesday's 60s and 70s across the city.

A sign of the warmth was in this cloud formation:


Kelvin-Helmoltz clouds indicate turbulence in the atmosphere, which for the Denver area means warm downsloping wind to bring us unusually warm day(s).

With a warm start to Monday, upper 30s, your kids won't need that hoodie for very long.  50s move in by mid-morning then 60s by the lunch hour.  The afternoon will remain in the 60s to low 70s.  Denver will hit 69 around 2:30pm to make that the high for the day -- the record is 73 from 1982.

Speaking of records, if you look through the climatology you'll see that today, Monday, and Tuesday are historically warmer days for Denver.  Interesting to note that this is the case this year.  Just goes to show that weather is cyclic.

Tuesday will remain warm, too.  60s again for most and a few low 70s.  However, this warm snap will slowly "break down" a bit starting Wednesday when we are in the upper 50s with more clouds.  This is when the next system will be moving through the region.  

Cloudier skies and cooler temperatures will move in for the end of the week.  That is the state's next best chance for rain and/or snow.  Denver will be in the upper 40s, which is still warmer than average, to end the week.  

Matt Makens is a Colorado native.  Born and raised, and once again lives, in Castle Rock.  He is the 12th person certified as a broadcast meteorologist in the country.  You can follow his updates on facebook and twitter.

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