Threat of severe weather remains low

Warm, with a few afternoon storms

Skies cleared overnight and we're getting a great shot of the Blue Moon.  The appearance of a second full moon in a calendar month is called a Blue Moon.  

There is a full moon every month, but it is relatively rare for the lunar cycle and the calendar to align for an early in the month full moon and another before the end of that same month.  The lunar cycle is just a bit longer than 29.5 days from one full moon to the next.

The moon will probably look just like any other full moon, but it might be a little blue in appearance if there are enough smoke particles in the sky to filter the moonlight a bit.  In reality, the phrase "Blue Moon" is really just an expression for something that occurs infrequently.  The last "Blue Moon" in North America occurred in August of 2012.

Friday will be another warm day with just a slightly better chance for afternoon and evening thunderstorms. Highs will reach the upper 80s to low 90s on the plains, with 70s to low 80s in the mountains.  

It will be a hot start to August, with temperatures soaring a few degrees above normal this weekend.  Highs will be in the low to mid 90s for lower elevations, with upper 70s to mid 80s in the high country. Rain chances will remain rather low - in the 5-10% range for most areas, although the central and southwest mountains will have a better chance for storms.

By early next week, the rain chances will increase a bit and temperatures will drop slightly as the weather pattern shifts slightly. The upper level winds will increase across the central Rockies, bringing a little more energy to help fuel some thunderstorms.

For right now, enjoy the long, lazy, slightly hazy days of summer in Colorado!






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