Cooler and wetter Sunday and Monday

DENVER - A slow moving system is in the region now and will bring a long period of rain and snow to the state.

There is some valuable moisture to be had as this system moves through Sunday and Monday. Many will pick up more than another inch of water.

Although Denver is looking at mostly a rain chance, the foothills and mountains have another heavy snow on the way. Alerts have been posted, and you can see those here.

The system causing this is closing in on the state, and that means we are about to turn cooler and wetter for the rest of the weekend.

The rain chance is steadily increasing for the Denver area overnight. There's a rain chance of 50 to 60 percent tonight, Temperatures will stay in the 40s for the overnight.

Sunday will have rain chances nearer 70 to 80%. This rain will keep temperatures far cooler than we have been. Highs for the metro area will be near 50.

While Denver sees mostly a rain chance, the mountains will have a heavy snow with nearly two feet of snow possible through early week. Travel along I-70, and other mountain roads, could be an issue for Sunday and Monday drivers.

I'm expecting mostly wet roads, if even that, for the Denver metro area. However if it were to become slick and slow with some snow. it will happen Sunday night and Monday morning. That's when temperatures will be in the 30s, which is cold enough to support a better chance for snow.

Monday will again be cool and wet, with highs near 50 for the city. The rain/snow chance will drop throughout the day Monday, but it is really Tuesday before much clearing will happen.

Tuesday through Thursday will have sunshine, and will certainly be warmer as this system clears. Tuesday in the 60s, but 70s for Wednesday and Thursday. 

With the 70s for the end of the week, there will be daily thunderstorms. I'll put the chances near 20% for those storms Friday and Saturday.

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