Latest Colorado road closures caused by historic September flood

DENVER - Numerous roads remain closed due to flooding and wash outs. Colorado Department of Transportation says it will be weeks, if not months, to repair the state highway bridges that are damaged or destroyed.

Please note that the closures list is fluctuating quickly as the water levels recede. Cities, counties and towns may have opened or closed additional roads in your area. Officials ask when traveling, please do not stop on the highways to view the water or roadway damage.

A great resource map of all the road closures listed by county can be found from the Google crisis map page:

You can also get an updated list of State highways that are open or closed on the CDOT website:


CDOT UPDATE (as of 6 p.m. Wednesday)

Recent Highway Openings

  • SH 72 to SH 7 to Estes Park
  • SH 63 in Atwood
  • Northbound I-25 ramp to to SH 119 (eastbound travel only)
  • SH 14 between Walden and Cameron Pass
  • U.S. 40 at Floyd Hill (MP 269.5 to 270.5)
  • SH 144 between US 34 and Goodrich
  • U.S. 6 south of Sterling between MP 383 and 392
  • U.S. 34 between Kersey and Wiggins

New/Updated Closures

  • SH 59 southeast of Sedgwick (MP 171.2- 173.3)
  • SH 14 Cameron Pass to Ted's Place
  • SH 170 (Marshall Drive) between Cherryvale and 66th Street
  • SH 194 north of La Junta (MP 0-10)
  • SH 55 between SH 138 and I-76
  • SH 138 between SH 113 and SH 55 near Sterling

Ongoing Closures In Northeast Colorado

  • SH 39 between Goodrich and I-76
  • U.S. 34 between Greeley and Kersey
  • SH 71 near Snyder

Ongoing Closures in Northern Colorado

  • I-25 Frontage Road south of Loveland at MP 256.670
  • U.S. 6 between Sterling and I-76
  • U.S. 34 between Glade Road and Estes Park
  • U.S. 34 eastbound from Grand Lake to Estes Park- essential travel only, checkpoints in place
  • U.S. 34 from 37th Street to County Road 49 in Greeley
  • U.S. 36 between Boulder and Estes Park
  • U.S. 287 between SH 402 and 5th Street in Loveland
  • SH 7 between Lyons and Estes Park
  • SH 14 between Ted's Place and Walden
  • SH 60 at CR 46
  • SH 66 between 53rd Street in Longmont to Lyons
  • SH 66 between CR 13 and CR 19
  • SH 119 between Boulder and Nederland in Boulder Canyon
  • SH 119 between County Line and I-25
  • SH 170 between SH 93 and Eldorado Canyon State Park
  • SH 257 between SH 60 in Milliken to US 34

Ongoing Closures in the Denver Metro Area

  • SH 72 (Indiana Street) between 72nd Avenue and 80th Avenue
  • SH 72 between SH 93 and SH 119 in Coal Creek Canyon


ROCKY MOUNTAIN NATIONAL PARK (as of Wednesday 10:00 a.m.):

On September 18 at 10:00 a.m., Rocky Mountain National Park will begin to incrementally reopen. As conditions improve, additional road, trails and facilities will open. The following is a summary of the current situation:

Trail Ridge Road is open to both east and west bound visitor traffic. Since Highway 7 is now open to all traffic, commercial traffic is once again prohibited on Trail Ridge Road.  The town of Estes Park is once again open and welcoming visitors. Entrance stations at Grand Lake, Fall River, and Beaver Meadows will all be open. No entrance fees will be charged at this time.

Kawuneeche, Alpine, and Beaver Meadows Visitor Centers will be open.  Fall River Visitor Center is closed for the winter.

On the west side of the park, the majority of trails are open for day use only. Please check trailhead signs for more information. Longer trails that cross the Continental Divide are open only to the Divide as trail travel to the east side is still closed.

All trails on the east side of Rocky Mountain National Park remain closed. As weather conditions improve, trails will be assessed for damage and slope stability.  Of special note: Longs Peak, Wild Basin, Lily Lake,  Lumpy Ridge, McGraw Ranch/Cow Creek,  and their associated trails are CLOSED. Please help us focus on our recovery efforts by honoring these trail closures. And, remember – large landslides have occurred because of the rain saturated soils.

All of Bear Lake Road is closed.

Upper Beaver Meadows Road remains closed.

The Fall River Road is open. Old Fall River Road is closed.

The Intermountain Incident Management Team and the staff of Rocky Mountain National Park would like to thank you for your support and patience as we continue to assess park conditions.

For Rocky Mountain National Park information, call the park's Information Office at 970-586-1206.



BOULDER COUNTY: (as of 2:30 p.m. Wednesday)

Open Roads
-63rd Street from Niwot to Oxford
-Airport Road from St. Vrain to 9th Ave
-State HWY 66 from N. 75th St. to US 36
-Ute Highway from 75th to McCall Dr
-N 75th from St. Vrain/Arapahoe to Hygiene/Baseline
-N 57th from Indigo to Jay Rd
-South Boulder Road from Cherryvale to 55th
-NB and SB Broadway at Linden
-N 75th from Hygiene Rd to Saint Vrain Rd
-Linden at West of Spring Valley (local traffic only)
-9th at Balsam
-Arapahoe from N 119th to East County Line Rd
-63rd/61st from Jay Rd to Valmont Rd

Closed Roads
-Boulder Canyon Dr from Boulder to Nederland
-Boulder Canyon from mouth of canyon to Nederland
-Fourmile Canyon from Poorman to Gold Run Rd
-Table Mesa at Yale
-Ute (SH66) and 53rd Intersection from Ute (SH66) to 53rd
-County Rd 82E from Cabin Creek Rd and Big Owl Rd to County Line Rd
-Violet from Broadway to 19th
-Pennsylvania from Dean Pl to 7th
-Sawmill from Lefthand to Gold Hill
-Lee Hill from Broadway to Left Hand Canyon


FORT COLLINS (as of Tuesday 10:00 a.m.):

There are several major roads that remain closed across the Cache la Poudre River. The city of Fort Collins has Larimer County handling the updates. Here is the City of Fort Collins flood information page:

Some of the major roads in Fort Collins that cross the Poudre that remain closed include: 

- Overland Trail 

- Shields Street 

- Taft Hill Road


GREELEY (as of Wednesday 5:00 a.m.):

- 71st Avenue between O Street and Poudre River Ranch

- 95th Avenue from O Street to F Street

- F Street from 83rd to 95th Avenue

- 83rd Avenue from O Street to F Street

- East 24th Street east of Cherry Avenue

- Poudre River Trail through Greeley

- Sheep Draw Trail- 71st Avenue north through Hunters Cove


JEFFERSON COUNTY (as of Wednesday 5:00 p.m.):

Assessed Road Damage, Road Closures and Bridges


·         Indiana St. - Severe erosion, road closure (between 87th and 96th Ave.)

·         McIntyre St. - Severe erosion (at 56th Ave.)

·         Alkire St. - Severe erosion, loss of roadway, road closure (between 87th and 96th)

·         Rooney Rd. - Severe erosion (at I-70)


Golden Gate Canyon Rd is currently open, but has had numerous rockslides

·         Crawford Gulch - Severe erosion, loss of roadway, loss of guardrail, road closure (Golden Gate Canyon Rd to Belcher Hill Rd.)

·         Guy Hill - Severe Erosion, loss of roadway (east of state park)

·         Robinson Hill Rd. - Severe erosion, loss of guardrail (Golden Gate Canyon Rd. to Douglas Mountain Rd.)


·         Crescent Park Dr. - Severe erosion, loss of roadway, road closure (HWY 72 to Burke Rd.)

·         Twin Spruce Rd. - Severe erosion, loss of roadway, major culvert damage, and road closures (HWY 72 to Gap Rd.)

·         Brook Rd. - Severe erosion, loss of multiple culverts and driveways, road closure (Ridge Rd. to Ridge Rd.)

·         Ridge Rd. - Severe erosion, loss of multiple culverts and driveways, road closure


·         Burke Rd. - Severe erosion, loss of multiple culverts and driveways, road closure (Twin Spruce Rd to End)

·         Westridge Rd. - Severe erosion, loss of multiple culverts and driveways, mudslide through house, road closure (Brumm Trail to End)

·         Ute Dr. - Severe erosion, loss of roadway, loss of multiple culverts and driveways, road closure (Blue Mountain Dr. to Blue Mountain Dr.)

·         Brumm Trail - Severe erosion, loss of multiple culverts and driveways, road closure (Ute Dr. to end)

·         Plainview Rd. - Severe erosion, loss of multiple culverts and driveways, road closure (HWY 72 to end)

·         Ranch Elsie Rd. - Severe erosion, loss of multiple culverts and driveways (HWY 72 to

·         Butte Dr. - Severe erosion, loss of multiple culverts and driveways, major slope failure (Crescent Park Dr. to Spruce Canyon Dr.)

·         Blue Mountain Dr. - Severe erosion, loss of multiple culverts and driveways, house flooded (Hwy 72 to Eastridge Rd.)

·         Simmons Way - Severe erosion, loss of roadway, loss of multiple culverts and driveways, road closure (Ute Dr. to end)

·         Winder Place - Severe erosion, loss of roadway, loss of multiple culverts and driveways (Blue Mountain Dr. to end)



·         Upper Bear Creek Rd. - Open for residents only.

·         Hwy 73 @ Hwy 74 - No perceptible damage (Short section from Hwy 73 for 250 feet)

·         Independence Trail - Will need to inspect for damage after the creek subsides (Adjacent to Bear Creek from Evergreen Pkwy across the bridge)

·         Forest Hill Rd. - Possible bridge damage (adjacent to Bear Creek)

·         Meadow Drive - Heavy damage, water too high to assess damage (Evergreen Pkwy to Hwy 74)

·         Douglas Park Rd. - Heavy damage, water too high to assess damage (Meadow Drive to Hwy 74)


·         Welch Ave. - Possible bridge damage

·         Columbine Dr. - All is closed, will need to inspect for damage after the creek subsides

·         Avenue C - All is closed, will need to inspect for damage after the creek subsides


- Forest Hill Road @ Hwy 74

- Independence Trail @ Hwy 74

- Welch Avenue Bridge Over Bear Creek (@Hwy 74) · This bridge will remain closed to all vehicles, pedestrians and bicycles until further notice. Residents must detour via Sheldon St. and Columbine Trail.

- Upper Bear Creek Road, 2.5 miles west of Evergreen Lake, Open to residents only

- Current map of Jefferson County road closures available here:


LARIMER COUNTY (as of Tuesday 5:00 p.m.):

The Larimer County OEM has an extensive list of the roads that remain closed in the county:

Travel to/from Estes Park

Normal travel to Estes used to be 41 miles on Hwy 34 (now destroyed). Alternate routes, as last updated at 9 a.m. on Sept. 17 by CDOT, include:

- The shortest route is I-70 to Central City Parkway to SH 119 into Nederland to SH 72 (also known as Peak to Peak Highway) then SH 7 West to Estes. This route is NOT open to the public, but is open to emergency personnel and deliveries and residents. This route is approximately 150 miles and travel will take approximately three hours, depending on traffic.

- Trail Ridge - Currently the only route open to public and limited commercial access to Estes Park is I-70 to Berthoud Pass/Grandby over Trail Ridge road. There are restrictions on commercial vehicles over Trail Ridge. Commercial drivers can call (970) 586-1206 to verify requirements. This route is approximately 220 miles from Fort Collins and will take approximately 4.5 hours, depending on traffic.

- The major highway closures include:

- Highway 14 west of Ted's Place

- Highway 34 west of Loveland to Estes Park

- Highway 36 between Lyons and Estes Park

- Highway 7 between Lyons and Estes Park

- Buckhorn Canyon, Buckhorn Road, Stove Prairie

- Rist Canyon (CR 52E) is now open to Stove Prairie

- CR27 is open to residents only


LOGAN COUNTY (as of Tuesday at 5:00 p.m).:

- The Logan County Office of Emergency Management. is posting updates on their Facebook page.

Updates on roads:

- The river bridges on Hwy 6 in Merino are now open. Crews are still working on Hwy 63 in Atwood and are hopeful the road can open in that location soon. 

- Hwy 138 at Hwy 113 is closed to Crook. You can still access the junction of Hwy 113/Hwy 138 to Sidney, NE.

- The river bridges on E Hwy 6/Chestnut St are still closed at this time. 


LONGMONT (as of Wednesday at 9:00 a.m.):

There are numerous road closures in Longmont, see a map:

Crews have successfully cleared Airport Road in Longmont from the Diagonal Highway (119) to 17th Street.

Here are some of the major roads that remain closed:

·         9th Ave. between Airport and Hover

·         119th Street closed South of Hwy 119 both north and southbound

·         Sunset St. between Boston and Donovan St.

·         Boston Ave, between Hover and Sunset

·         County Road 1 at the St. Vrain River

·         Hayden Ct.

·         3rd Ave west of Hover

·         County Line Rd from Zlaten/Great Western to Oxford



Morgan County (as of Wednesday 5:00 p.m.):


· County Rd. 9 from W to Hwy 144 -- Weldona Bridge

· County Rd 24 from T.5 to T --- Dodd Bridge

· County Rd. 33 from W.7 to X.5 --- Cooper Bridge

· County Rd. W.7 between Rd 31 and the Washington County line

· County Rd. W between Hwy 71 and Rd 30

· County Roads V.5 and 28.5 north of Brush


Hwy 71 south of Snyder closed at the Platte River

· Hwy 144 is closed between Co Rd 13 west of Fort Morgan and Hwy 34 west of Wiggins. Local traffic is allowed between Orchard and Rd 13, however the Orchard bridge is closed and the highway is impassable south of Orchard. The Narrows Bridge (north of Rd 12) is open to one lane of traffic.

· Hwy 39 is closed at the Platte south of Goodrich

· County Rd. W.7 between Rd 31 and the Washington County line

· County Rd. W between Hwy 71 and Rd 30

** Hwy 34 is closed between Kersey and Greeley, however there is a detour to take you into Greeley via a southern route - Hwy 34 to WCR 49 (Kersey Road - stoplight west of Kersey), south to WCR 44 and west towards LaSalle and Hwy 85.  Can then go north into Greeley and/or on west to Loveland or Fort Collins, etc.

** Hwy 6 was closed between I-76 and Merino but it was re-opened yesterday.  CDOT's website does not show it but the opening was verified by officials in Logan County this morning.

Our Road and Bridge and CDOT crews crews are working pretty hard trying to get bridges opened and roads repaired.

Some of these crossings are going to take a lot of work so I think they are prioritizing the ones they can get fixed soon. Hopefully a couple of other bridges will be open in the next week or two. The rest of them.....

C-DOT and Morgan County are working together hauling dirt and gravel and I know City of Fort Morgan crews were working with CDOT as well. 


WELD COUNTY (as of Wednesday 3:00 a.m.):

The Weld County OEM has an updated list of road closures in the county and cities in Weld County on their website:

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