CDOT testing new 'tow plow' technology along I-70 corridor Tuesday

CDOT owns 4 of the 'tow plows'

SUMMIT COUNTY, Colo. - Relatively new plow technology, usually based in the Eastern Plains region, is being used to clear Interstate 70 in the mountains Tuesday.

The equipment is called a "tow plow" and is trailed behind a normal plow truck. It swings out to the side to both plow a 24-foot-wide swath of road and apply more deicer to the surface. CDOT acquired its first tow plow in 2011 and now owns a total of four.

The agency says Tuesday's test is part of a plan to explore ways to use the equipment in other areas of the state.

"By using fewer trucks to plow the same amount of space, we are hoping to use the extra trucks for other highways in the area, ultimately increasing our coverage and improving safety during this testing period," CDOT Maintenance Superintendent Tim Miles said in a statement provided by CDOT.

So far, CDOT spokesperson Tracy Trulove says the results of the test are positive.

"We were a little worried about the grade, or what would happen on the grade, but it seems to be doing a really good job with that," she said.

While the tow plow is in use, both lanes being plowed will be blocked and the equipment will be moving at approximately 35 mph. CDOT reminds drivers to stay far back behind the equipment.

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