Bomb squad removing old dynamite found near I-70 in Palisade; highway closed, traffic rerouted

PALISADE - A bomb squad was dispatched to a property near Grand Junction Wednesday when several pounds of old dynamite was found near interstate 70.

The highway will be closed in both directions for three to four hours while technicians remove the explosives.

"Bomb Squad technicians are utilizing methods that will hopefully minimize the chance of an explosion," said a news release from Mesa County, "however, the possibility still exits that the dynamite could detonate."

Authorities are concerned that rocks could dislodge and fall onto the road if an explosion occurs during the removal process. The dynamite was found on a property in the 3800 block of G 7/10 Road in Palisade.

Traffic will be rerouted onto U.S. highway 6 between the exits for Palisade and Clifton, until the dynamite removal is completed. Local citizens are not being asked to evacuate at this time, but the community has been notified of the situation.

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