Leave Your Car For Month, Get Hundreds Of Dollars In Prizes

Would you be willing to leave your car keys at home all the time?

The Downtown Denver Partnership thinks you can go a full month without your car and if you try, they'll make it worth your while.

They're looking for a couple dozen downtown families who have more than one car. The family challenge would be to leave one car in the garage for a full month.

If you can do it, they'll hook you up with a bus pass with the Regional Transportation District and bike path map.

Best of all, you get hundreds of dollars' worth of free stuff from downtown businesses and restaurants.

"We're trying to encourage drivers to rethink before they automatically get into their car. We're trying to think if they can make that trip by bicycle or on foot or maybe carpool with their friend instead," said Aylene Quale, with the Downtown Denver Partnership.

To sign up for Drive Less Denver, click here.

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