Super Bowl headline performers Bruno Mars, Renee Fleming aim to please wide audience

Mars declines to hint at halftime show surprises

NEW YORK - Halftime show headliner Bruno Mars and National Anthem performer Renee Fleming told reporters they hope to please the enormous number of fans who will be watching Sunday.

"No matter where I perform, it's my job to uplift the people," Mars said.

"The Super Bowl seems to touch everyone, it's a big audience," said Fleming, who was introduced by the NFL emcee as the "Peyton Manning of the opera world."

Fleming's selection is a departure from the pop stars who have sung the national anthem in the past. Still, she has an impressive range of engagements on her resume, from movie soundtracks to Queen Elizabeth II's Diamond Jubilee.

"If you'd asked me six months ago (if I would be doing this), I would have laughed," she told reporters Thursday.

Sunday will also not be the first time Fleming performed a solemn song on a carefully-watched stage. She performed Amazing Grace in New York City just weeks after the attack on the World Trade Center.

"If this is the biggest thing I'll ever sing, the 9/11 memorial a month after was the toughest," she said.

Pop star Bruno Mars was characteristically less serious than Fleming, joking with reporters throughout his time at the podium. His recognition of the moment, however, was remarkably similar.

"Well I've never had to do a press conference before I performed, so I guess it just got real," he said.

But he did also say, "I ain't scared."

"I hope to get people dancing, get people smiling," he said. "If you ever come to my live shows, it's just us up there with these songs and our instruments and I'm hoping that's enough."

While it is known that Mars' performance will include an appearance from the Red Hot Chili Peppers, the performer was remarkably tight lipped about what else viewers can expect. He wouldn't even say if there are surprises to come, not to mention what they could be.

"I want the world to watch. It's only a couple days away. They can hold tight," Mars said.

Watch a clip of Mars' news conference below (mobile users:

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