Dodgers announcer Vin Scully honors Rockies first baseman Todd Helton on his retirement

LOS ANGELES - When Rockies first baseman Todd Helton played the final game of his career Sunday it was in Los Angeles, not Denver.

While the Dodgers are competitors, their long-time, Hall of Fame announcer, Vin Scully took the time to record a video tribute to Helton.

In the video, Scully started by talking about football.

Football? Yes, football, because football is what led Helton to a career in baseball.

"In 1994, UCLA played its first game of the season in the Rose Bowl against the University on Tennessee. The quarterback for Tennessee was injured, and the new quarterback was a fellow by the name of Todd Helton. Tree weeks later, Helton hurt his knee, and his job was taken over by Peyton Manning," Scully said. "Because of that, Todd Helton decided then to put all of his energies toward baseball."

Helton was drafted by the Colorado Rockies and played his entire career with the team."

"Todd, you gave us 17 incredible years," Scully said. "It has been a career marked by high energy, enthusiasm, and above all, hard work. Summed up in one word -- and that would be class."

Scully talked about Helton's accomplishments -- .317 lifetime batting average, 369 home runs, over 1400 RBI's and over 2500 base hits.

Scully said he's been watching Helton for 17 years and saluting him and his grand career.

"May God bless you in your new life," Scully said. "And Todd, we will miss you, immensely in this game.  On behalf of all those Dodger pitchers who you mistreated for so many years, have a wonderful life after baseball."

Watch Scully's tribute video:

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