Colorado Rockies will "Take the Field" to a new tune this season by Charles Denler

DENVER - When the Colorado Rockies run out of the dugout on opening day, they take the field to a new tune.

Two-time Emmy Award-winning composer Charles Denler, took the task of developing the Rockies new theme song called, “Take the Field.”

Denler’s two-minute piece will be played by the team at the top of every game, with shorter variations to be played during the team’s commercials and at key moments during games.

“The song is very motivating,” said Denler. “It’s one of those songs that make you more than you are and want to conquer your goals.”

The Colorado Symphony approached Denler in January with visions of theme song that would become the rallying cry of the Rockies and their fans. They all met together with the Rockies and gave Denler three days to create the song.  Fortunately he was already stuck in a baseball state of mind.

Denler recently finished composing the music to the upcoming animated baseball movie, “Henry & Me.” Starring the voices of Richard Gere, Luis Guzman and Cyndi Lauper, the movie shows a young boy who overcomes cancer with the help of past great New York Yankee players.

Denler used his visions of the baseball diamond, the fans in the stands along with the Rocky Mountains in the backdrop as his inspiration for the song.

“I hope to inspire and encourage people along the way,” Denler remarked.

The song was recorded Wednesday with the help of some 80 members from the Colorado Symphony Orchestra. Mixing will be the next step in the production.

“It’s very powerful and has a lot of percussion,” Jerry Kern, president and CEO of the CDO told the Denver Business Journal.

The new song comes as the Rockies performed a facelift on the franchise during the offseason. Longtime first basemen Todd Helton retired after 17 seasons and the team added a 38,000 square foot Roof Top Deck to the upper-right field section of Coors Field.

Denler, who lives in Highlands Ranch, is originally a Boston Red Sox fan who was excited about their World Series win this past season. Now a fan of the Rockies, he hopes the song will help duplicate the Red Sox’s championship fortunes.

“I hope that the team finds some encouragement in this and that it gives them a rallying call. I’m hoping that the team goes all the way this year.”

The Rockies will open their home portion of the season on April 4 at 2:10 p.m.

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