Alex Rodriguez sues MLB, Selig, accusing them of 'witch hunt' to force him out of baseball

A-Rod suspended for 211 games for using PEDs

NEW YORK - Faced with baseball’s longest doping suspension, Alex Rodriguez is suing Major League Baseball and league Commissioner Bud Selig, accusing them of buying the cooperation of Anthony Bosch, the head of an anti-aging clinic at the center of a doping scandal, as part of a continuing "witch hunt" to force him out of the sport, according to The New York Times.

The lawsuit filed late Thursday accuses MLB and Selig of engaging in "tortious and egregious conduct with one and only one goal" of destroying the third baseman's reputation and career.

Rodriguez, who has been attending grievance hearings related to the 211-game suspension MLB handed down in August, claims in the lawsuit filed late Thursday that baseball bought the cooperation of Bosch, the chief witness against him. The Rodriguez camp alleges that Anthony Bosch, the head of the clinic at the heart of the recent performance-enhancing drug scandal, has been paid $5 million by MLB to help force Rodriguez out of the game, according to the Times.

While Selig was named as a defendant in the suit, the New York Yankees, who would stand to save substantial money if Rodriguez were suspended, were not named.

The lawsuit alleges that Selig and other baseball officials have had one goal: "to improperly marshal evidence that they hope to use to destroy the reputation and career of Alex Rodriguez, one of the most accomplished major league baseball players of all time," according to ESPN.

Rodriguez's lawyers argue that MLB is trying to make an example of Rodriguez "so as to gloss over Commissioner Selig's past inaction and tacit approval of the use of performance enhancing substances in baseball (not to mention his multiple acts of collusion), and in an attempt to secure his legacy as the 'savior' of America's pastime."

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