Mother of Ty Lawson's pregnant girlfriend: The Nuggets guard 'has pushed her in the past'

CENTENNIAL, Colo. - The pregnant girlfriend of Nuggets guard Ty Lawson claims she heard him on the phone with another woman and that is what sparked the fight that led to their arrests, newly obtained court documents reveal. The paperwork also indicates Lawson may have a history of domestic violence.

The court documents, which contain an identical narrative to support the detention of both Lawson and Ashley Pettiford, explain police were alerted to the situation by Pettiford's mother. Deputy Jeremy Herko writes that Pettiford's mother was concerned because her daughter is six months pregnant and said "Lawson has pushed her in the past."

After the situation was reported on Saturday morning, Herko interviewed Pettiford first. She told the deputy that Lawson returned to their home on E. Wesley Dr. around 2:30 a.m. Around that time, Pettiford said, she heard Lawson on the phone with another woman.

"At this point she (Pettiford) decided that she was tired of all of it and was going to pack her things and move," Herko wrote in the court document.

She started to pack and had taken some clothing out of the closet when Lawson came into the bedroom. Pettiford says the basketball star began "throwing her clothes around to try and annoy her."

Lawson would later tell the deputy, "He did throw her clothes around but it was because he was helping her."

Pettiford told Herko that she asked Lawson twice to let her get into the closet to get other things. After the second request, she said, "he grabbed both of her arms, above the elbow, and started pushing her back to the bed telling her, 'I'll get the clothes.'"

Lawson said he did push her out of the way, but it wasn't a "real push."

Amidst a lot of yelling, Pettiford ended up on the bed and Lawson started to walk away.

Then, Pettiford admitted, she retrieved Lawson's phone off of a dresser and threw it against a wall. This was the origin of the criminal mischief charge she now faces.

In retaliation, she told Herko, Lawson tried to break her phone against a wall. When it didn't shatter, he ran it under a faucet.

Lawson admitted to this.

When Herko went inside the couple's home, he reported seeing a significant mess.

"I could see clothing, laptops, shoes, storage bins, hangars and other property strewn about the hallway and had to climb over it all to get into the bedroom," the deputy wrote.

Because the case involved accusations of domestic violence, both Lawson and Pettiford were required to stay in jail until they could having a hearing before a judge on Monday morning, Arapahoe County Sheriff Grayson Robinson saidsaid.

A judge issued a mandatory protection order against Lawson, prohibiting him from contacting Pettiford, court records state. A "mandatory injunction" was issued in Pettitford's case.

Each defendant was released on $1,000 bond.

In a Monday night statement, Nuggets General Manager Tim Connelly said, "We are fully aware of an incident involving Ty Lawson over the weekend. Per team policy and out of respect for the legal process, we will have no further comment at this time."

In October, the Nuggets gave Lawson a four-year contract extension worth $48 million, according to ESPN. He was the Nuggets' highest scorer last season.

A four-year veteran, Lawson was drafted 18th overall by the Minnesota Timberwolves in 2009 and traded to the Nuggets in exchange for a future first-round pick.

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