Free-agent Andre Iguodala leaves Denver Nuggets to join Golden State Warriors

DENVER - Andre Iguodala is leaving the Nuggets for the Golden State Warriors, two NBA sources confirmed Friday.

According to one of those sources, Denver had offered Iguodala a five-year deal worth $60 million, of which $52 million was guaranteed. The final year of that front-loaded deal would have paid him just $4 million.

Instead, the free-agent forward has agreed to a four-year deal with the Warriors for $48 million, according to Yahoo! Sports.

Because the 29-year-old swingman was the Nuggets' free agent, Denver was able to offer him a five-year contract while other organizations could only offer him four years. Iguodala opted out of the last year of his deal with the Nuggets, which would have paid him $16 million for the 2013-14 season.

He can't sign the deal with Golden State until July 10.

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