NFL owners make rule changes involving extra points, replays, dunking on the goal posts, more

ORLANDO - The NFL owners have voted for several changes during the 2014-15 season affecting extra-point kicks, replays, clock management, dunking the ball and more.

-- Extra-point kicks

The NFL will experiment with extra-point kicks from the 20-yard line for two weeks in the preseason this summer, but implementing longer PATs for the regular season has been tabled.

Team owners preferred to see how the longer extra points work in exhibition games before making any decisions on a permanent switch.

-- Kickoffs not being moved

The owners rejected proposals to move kickoffs to the 40-yard line.

-- Extending the goal posts

On the final day of the spring meeting, the owners voted to extend the length of the goalposts 5 feet, to 35 feet.

It's hoped the change will help referees better determine if kicks are good.

-- Clock management

Fans may notice a major change when the quarterback is sacked - the clock will no longer stop.

-- Fumble recoveries now reviewable

The Denver Broncos website said the recovery of fumbles in the field of play are now reviewable.

"This change had been nicknamed the 'NaVorrow Bowman Rule' after the play in which he had clearly recovered a fumble in the 2013 NFC Championship Game, but the play wasn't reviewable, said.

-- Referees can ask for review help

Tuesday, the owners passed a rule allowing referees to consult with director of officiating Dean Blandino and his staff to help determine whether a call should be upheld or overturned.

Blandino and other staff will be monitoring the games, and they will immediately begin reviewing challenges before the referee even gets to his monitor. They then can make recommendations on what replays to look at, but the referee still will make the final decision.

Blandino believes the change will speed up the review process and help ensure the calls are made correctly.

-- Dunking the ball over the goal posts banned

The said dunking the ball over the goal posts will now get a player a penalty.

-- Expanding the playoffs

No vote was taken on expanding the playoffs, although the topic was discussed.

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