New Denver Nuggets head coach Brian Shaw loves roster, has big shoes to fill

Shaw replaces George Karl

DENVER - The Denver Nuggets held a news conference on Tuesday to introduce their new head coach, Brian Shaw.

Shaw, a former player and coach, will replace George Karl.

"[I'm] humbled and blessed and privileged to have this opportunity in front of me," said Shaw.

Nuggets team president Josh Kroenke said Shaw has big shoes to fill.

"Coach Karl did some amazing things for this franchise," said Kroenke. "I think Brian's championship experience, as both a player and coach, are going to invaluable to our roster."

Shaw also mentioned the Nuggets' roster.

"I love this roster -- it’s young, fresh, energetic," Shaw said.

Shaw told reporters that he and his staff will stress basketball fundamentals with the players.

"More so than anything I believe that's the basis for everything, the fundamentals, that’s one of the things I take from being around Coach (Phil) Jackson, we spent 15 to 20 minutes doing the most basic fundamentals," He said.

"Sometimes it gets monotonous for the players, but when you get in a crunch you need your fundamentals to get you through," Shaw added a few moments later.

Shaw was considered a hot coaching prospect despite the fact he has no NBA head coaching experience. The 47-year old was the associate head coach of the Indiana Pacers. He played in the NBA from 1988-2003. He has won 5 NBA Championships as a player and assistant coach. His first job after he retired was as an assistant coach to Phil Jackson with the Los Angeles Lakers.

About Shaw, Jackson tweeted Monday night, "Happy for BShaw, who got the job in Denver today. I think the Nuggets are going to benefit from his tenure. Good team to run system offense."

Shaw helped coach the Pacers to the Eastern Conference Finals last season, losing to the Miami Heat in 7 games.

"I look at the positive things that they did, the things they did well under George Karl, and try to continue to build on those," Shaw told ESPN Monday night. "And in some of the areas where they could use improvement, try to improve in those areas. I want to put my own spin on things, push the right buttons and find the right combinations."

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