High School sophomore Gabrielle Gary's no-look 3-point shot gets national attention

Gary was trying to put ball back in play

LAFAYETTE, Ind. - A high school basketball player is getting national attention for a lucky no-look 3-point shot.

Gabrielle Gary, a sophomore at McCutcheon High School in Indiana was attempting to save the ball from going out of bounds during a game Wednesday.

But when she hurled the ball back over her shoulder, it hit the backboard and fell right through the hoop.

Watch video below:

The video on the MTC Sports Network has been replayed across the country, and now ESPN wants permission to show the video on its plays of the week segment on "SportsCenter."

McCutcheon went on to beat Lafayette Jefferson, 56-36.

Gary is the daughter of Purdue assistant men's basketball coach Greg Gary.

Still, the high schooler told the newspaper that the shot was all luck.

"I don't know any statistics, but if I had to say, it is probably one in a million that this thing went in," she said. "I tried it at practice this morning and it wasn’t even within 10 feet of the rim."

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