Bolder Boulder founder and family still involved 35 years later

Iconic race rooted in family, community

BOULDER - Runners across the country - and world - are gearing up for the annual Bolder Boulder. The race was founded in 1979 by the Bosley family, and it's been a family operation ever since.

In 1979, Steve Bosley and his kids were involved in track and field. One day, Bosley was discussing the sport with Olympic Marathon champion Frank Shorter, and said "I think I want to put on a kids track meet.  And he said 'Yeah you can do that, but why not put on a road race?' and I said 'What's a road race?'"

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A mere 7 weeks later, the Bolder Boulder was born. 2,700 runners participated in that first race.

In 2013, more than 50,000 runners participate in the race and Memorial Day celebration. It draws runners from every U.S. state and 18 countries to the largest Memorial Day race in America.

More than three decades after its conception, the Bolder Boulder's core value remains the same: Community -- both in Colorado and to those serving our country overseas.

"This is intended for the community. That's its bearings. That's its foundation. That's where it came from. And [today] it's still about running, still about the community," says Steve Bosley.

The race is also about family. Steve Bosley's son, Cliff, ran in that first race when he was just 12 years old.  Today, Steve is the race director and remains committed to its core values and to the community that supports the race every year.

"They are serving bacon and orange slices; squirting water and they have slip-and-slides.  They're out there cheering people on," says the elder Bosley.  "The support of the city… is significant."

That impact and support also stretches overseas - inspiring those who serve our country to take part on the iconic race.  The Bolder Boulder has launched 10 satellite races across the world.

"It's for those service members who are deployed and can't come back to Boulder," explains Cliff.  "They get to run at their air base or whatever post they're serving at.  You can't be here, but you can run the Bolder Boulder there."

Aside from inspiring runners, the race also makes a significant economic impact on the community.  Steve explains, "The Bolder Boulder is about a $10 million impact on the community.  It's a big deal; a big deal for Boulder."

The Bolder Boulder is Monday, May 27, 2013.  Runners, joggers, and walkers are all invited to participate.  There is still time to register, by clicking here:

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