Glendale Raptors Rugby Club return to Glendale's Infinity Park

2014 Season Home Opener

Glendale, CO - The Glendale men are ready for action at tomorrow's 2014 season home opener against Santa Monica RFC.


Both teams endured tough losses on the road last week – Glendale to SFGG 26-31, and Santa Monica to Belmont Shore 28-29 – and will be hungry for a win in week five.


The Raptors can expect to be challenged by the Dolphins’ mobile back line – namely Mathieu Lesgourgues, who has just returned from playing with Mont de Marsan in France. Santa Monica also has two strong, experienced, props in Epi Kalemani and Ross Silverman.


The Dolphins are known for playing running rugby. The style of play focuses on keeping the ball alive and continually playing into space, which is not something the Raptors have encountered often at the PRP level of play.


“The guys really need to come out of the gate ready to be aggressive on defense,” said Glendale Head Coach Andre Snyman. “We’re looking to get back on our feet, control the pace of the match, and improve the areas we had trouble with last weekend in San Francisco.”  


Other good news for the Raptors and their fans is that team captain Zach Fenoglio and center Chad London will be back from Eagles camp and are expected to be in the starting line-up for Saturday’s match up.


PRP rugby makes its debut at Infinity Park this Saturday with the Raptors kicking off against Santa Monica RFC and 3 p.m. Mountain Time in the stadium. For tickets click here.


Next week's match:


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