Glendale Raptors Rugby Club freezes out Santa Monica Dolphins in 2014 home opener

Rators win 59-29

Glendale, CO - The Glendale Raptors and Santa Monica Dolphins kicked off at Infinity Park in 16-degree weather on Saturday, for what would be a successful home opener for the host team.


Santa Monica came out of the gate fired up, and put some great pressure on the Glendale side. The Raptors were penalized for not rolling away from a ruck, but the Dolphins failed to make the penalty kick. Winger Max Statler got possession of the ball and opened scoring in the 5th minute, with fly half Mike Graham converting.


Statler and the Raptors were quick to score again, but were answered by Santa Monica just a few minutes later. Half Time score: Raptors 20, Dolphins 12.


Glendale were first to score just moments into the second half (penalty kick by Graham) as well when Santa Monica were penalized for leaving their feet.


Moments later the Raptors unleashed an impressive string of passing under pressure, which resulted in center Chad London scoring, followed up by another conversion by Graham.


The fluid teamwork by Glendale continued throughout the second half, and while the Dolphins showed promise of rallying on more than one occasion, their efforts would not come to fruition. Final score: Glendale 59, Santa Monica 19.


Statler, and full back Dustin Croy each tried three times, and sub-in Phillip White had an impressive pick near the end of regulation time. It would be lock Casey Rock and London who shared the honor of being named Core Power’s Man of the Match.  Prop Ross Sullivan was named Man of the Match on the Santa Monica side.


“I’m very proud of the way the guys played this week,” said Glendale Head Coach Andre Snyman. “We need to take what we’ve learned from this match, apply it to practice this coming week, and continue to correct our errors.”


The Raptors kick off against OMBAC at 3 p.m. in the stadium at Infinity Park next weekend – hopefully under warmer conditions.

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