Colorado Longboarder Brian Holden teaches Ben Stiller how to rip in 'Secret Life of Walter Mitty'

Brian Holden gets around -- at breakneck speed.  He's a Colorado professional longboarder whose passion has taken him around the world.

Recently, Holden was handpicked to teach Ben Stiller the tricks of his daredevil trade for the new movie, "The Secret Life of Walter Mitty." Stiller was so impressed, Holden was chosen to be his stunt double for the longboarding scenes, which were shot in Iceland.

"There's pretty much no margin for error," Holden told Sports Anchor Arran Anderson of his passion for longboarding speed. "There's a lot of risks. For me, it's very blissful and you're so focused. It's just like there's nothing on your mind except for what's at stake."

Click play, watch Arran Andersen's video profile of Holden above.

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