What you could get for the cost of traveling to New Jersey to see the Broncos in Super Bowl XLVIII

DENVER - Would you skip the Super Bowl if you had the opportunity to buy tickets that weren't being sold at sky high prices?

Season ticket holder, Joshua Hensley, did not win the lottery to buy Super Bowl tickets from the Denver Broncos. He did have a chance to buy two tickets from a friend, but when he added up the cost of the trip, he decided staying home would be best.

"It was going to be roughly about $9,000 for me to go with my wife," said Hensley. "I'm not a fair weather fan, but to spend that type of money to go out there to New Jersey, to freeze, takes a special person."

7NEWS went online on Thursday night and priced a trip to the Super Bowl for two leaving the Friday before the game and returning the Monday after.

Two tickets purchased through Primesport, which is the site the Broncos have been recommending to season ticket holders who did not win the lottery, had the cheapest seat for just shy of $1,800.

The cheapest we found for two tickets were in the upper corner nosebleeds. With tax and a minimum $30 ticket shipping charge, the total was $4,242.60.

We did find two cheap roundtrip flights on Southwest Airlines for a total of $480.

The cheapest hotel was at a Howard Johnson near the JFK Airport for less than $300 total, but the hotel is about 30 miles from MetLife Stadium.

The cheapest hotel in Times Square totaled $615.

Without taking into account food or travel within the city, the cost of the trip would be at least $5,000 to $5,300.

For less than $4,000, you can buy a new 60-inch television and a new sofa with theater-style seating, cup holders and recliners.

"Yeah, I think your money could be better spent to improve and update your TV and your entertainment system," said Hensley.

You could even buy 100 pizzas at $12 each and still not spend more than a trip to the Super Bowl.

"We're going to blow it out. We're going to bring out the smokers, get a bunch of party favors and have  good time with some friends and family and kids," said Hensley.

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