Poll finds Denver Broncos are America's favorite NFL team, Manning is most popular quarterback

Broncos led voting in front of Dallas Cowboys

DENVER - Apparently, the Denver Broncos should adopt the title of “America’s Team.”

In a recent survey released by Public Policy Polling, the Broncos were chosen as America’s favorite NFL team. The Broncos were ahead of the Dallas Cowboys gaining 14 percent of the vote while the Cowboys received 12 percent.

The Cowboys were voted as America’s least-favorite team receiving 23 percent of the vote. The Chicago Bears were second with 13 percent, the New England Patriots were third at 9 percent and the Broncos were fourth at 8 percent.

Peyton Manning was voted the America’s most popular quarterback, with 62 percent of the vote giving him a favorable opinion to 9 percent with a negative opinion.

Manning was also named the country’s most favorite quarterback, receiving 22 percent of the vote. Manning was picked the favorite over The Patriots Tom Brady and Washington Redskins Robert Griffin III, who were tied at second with 12 percent.

Brady was named as America’s least-favorite quarterback at 18 percent. Former Bronco Tim Tebow was second with 12 percent.

Public Policy Polling surveyed 741 registered voters from Dec. 13-17, 2013.

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