Peyton Manning's agent talks about how Manning thought the Broncos $19.4 million offer was too much

DENVER - In the day and age where athletes try to squeeze as much money out of the pockets of their owners, it’s rare to hear about a player who rejected the idea of having a couple extra zeroes in his bank account.

During Peyton Manning’s four team free agency tour in 2012, Manning’s agent Tom Condon wanted to negotiate a contract that would have his prized quarterback signing with a new team for $25 million per year. Manning had other thoughts in mind. After he chose the Denver Broncos to be his team of choice, he had only one stipulation, according to

“What does Tom Brady make?” Manning told Condon. “$18 million a year,” Condon responded. “Then I don’t want to make a penny more than that,” demanded Manning.

The Broncos, unknown of Manning’s financial wishes, set their opening offer at $19.4 million a year. Condon called Manning to tell him of the contract worth $1.4 million more than Brady’s.

“I told you I didn’t want to make more than Brady!” Manning responded.

Condon apologized to Manning and called his wife who ultimately calmed down Manning to accept the Broncos’ offer.

Both sides have been happy with the deal as Manning has led the Broncos to 26 wins in his first two seasons and a Super Bowl appearance last year.

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