Peyton Manning's former team hand him and the Denver Broncos their first loss of the season

INDIANAPOLIS, IN - Peyton Manning's former team - the Indianapolis Colts - welcomed him home, then went on to give him and the Denver Broncos their first loss of the season.

Marred by turnovers and bad field position, the Broncos seemed stuck throughout the game. Denver committed three turnovers and also had twice as many penalty yards as the Colts.

Manning, the Colts' first pick in the 1998 draft, went 29 for 49 passing, threw for three touchdowns and one interception. The Colts' next first-overall pick, Andrew Luck, only completed 55 percent of his passes but had just as many touchdowns and no interceptions.

Trindon Holliday fumbled twice. Manning and Ronnie Hillman each had one fumble.

The only Colts fumble came from Trent Richardson.

The Colts' defense racked up four sacks, twice as many as the Broncos achieved. Robert Mathis sacked Manning twice on his own.

-- Game log --

Prior to kickoff, the much discussed Colts tribute to Peyton Manning consisted of several highlights from his 1998 draft through his departure in 2012. It ended with a simple message, "Thanks Peyton."

Manning hopes to lead the Denver Broncos to a seventh consecutive victory in front of a crowd that considers him a hometown hero.

When Manning emerged from the northwest tunnel for warmups, the hometown crowd responded with a short, positive cheer. Following the video, he was given a long ovation and waved to fans on all sides.

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Today's conditions are breezy up in the rafters, with the banners and flags waving -- especially on the side facing downtown with the open window. The roof is also open. The temperature is about 57 degrees and will dip down into the low 50s.

The Broncos have Zac Dysert, C.J. Anderson, Quentin Jammer, Tony Carter, Wesley Woodyard, John Moffitt and Orlando Franklin on their inactive list. Dominique Jones, Khaled Holmes, Xavier Nixon, David Reed, Bojern Werner, Montori Hughes and Josh Chapman are inactive for the Colts.

The Broncos won the coin toss and deferred, giving Andrew Luck and the Colts the ball first. Both the Broncos and Colts had to punt after unsuccessful opening drives.

Shaun Phillips sacked Luck for a loss of 18 yards on the Colts' second drive and despite Phillips being charged an off sides penalty on the third down, Indianapolis was unable to recover on that drive. They had to punt it away again.

Starting on their own 44 yard line, Peyton threw twice to Eric Decker. First a 39-yard pass, then a 17-yard scoring pass to put Denver on the board first. The two plays took just 46 seconds.

After the Colts drove down the field to the two yard line, Luck was sacked a second time. It resulted in a seven yard loss and then a successful field goal by Adam Vinatieri.

The Colts' next score following a Trindon Holliday fumble while returning a 54-yard Pat McAfee punt. After a challenge, the officials declared the fumble and gave the credit for causing it to Stanley Havili. His teammate, Sergio Brown, recovered and Luck made a touchdown pass to Darrius Heyward-Bey.

That gave Holliday another chance, and this time he set Denver up to start on the Colts' side of the field. His effort put the Broncos in a great position for the start of the second quarter. They turned it into an eight play drive that covered 51 yards and closed with a touchdown pass to Julius Thomas.

The Colts next score came after they forced Manning to fumble in the end zone, which was credited to Robert Mathis as a sack. He recovered the ball for a safety.

Indianapolis continued their assault with the next successful drive, culminating with Havili catching Luck's pass for a 20-yard touchdown.

After that sequence, the Broncos announced that Champ Bailey's return to the game was questionable because of a foot injury. By the start of the second half, he was ruled out for the rest of the game.

Denver had difficulties with field position throughout the second quarter and were once again lined up inside the 5-yard-line when the two minute warning hit. They weren't able to escape, punting away to the Colts and eventually giving up another touchdown.

A halftime, the Colts lead 26-14. It is the first time this season the Broncos didn't go into the locker room with a lead.

The Broncos started the second half with the ball, but for the first time this year were unable to score on the opening drive of the second half.

As the third quarter continued, it remained a battle over field position. The Broncos repeatedly started from behind their own 20 yard line and have been unable to escape that territory. The Colts were able to achieve a first down, but they too were eventually forced to punt.

Holliday missed a punt, but recovered and the Broncos started in bad position again. They covered some ground, but went three and out again.

Moments later, the Broncos' defense found themselves in the same portion of the field their offense had just occupied. Indianapolis began their drive with a great position at the 41 and Luck used the tenth play of the drive to run the ball 10 yards for a touchdown.

On the next drive the Broncos finally achieved a first down and a pass interference got them into Colts territory. They had to settle for a field goal, however, following penalties for a false start and delay of game.

At the start of the fourth quarter, Vinatieri reinforced the Colts' lead with a 52-yard field goal capping off a 7-play drive.

Three plays after getting back on the field, Manning threw a touchdown pass to Julius Thomas. Denver tried for a 2-point conversion, but the pass was incomplete.

A fortuitous fumble by Trent Richardson was recovered by the Broncos, setting up a drive involving two first downs and an eventual touchdown.

After stopping the Colts next drive, Manning retook the field. He was intercepted by Pat Angerer on his first pass, returning the ball to the team in blue. The Denver defense held their ground, but Vinatieri again kicked the ball through the uprights.

Manning was again sacked on the first play of the drive. They recovered and got as far as first and goal, but the ball was fumbled and recovered by the Colts at the 3 yard line.

In the last minute Prater was able to kick a field goal after Manning was sacked again.

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